About Soul Full Online

Welcome to Soul Full Online. Those of you that know me or have previously worked with me both in person and online, will have most definitely felt from me my passion for all things REAL and authentic. My true purpose in life is to be able to work with people who are interested in digging a little deeper than just the surface level and have a burning curiosity for all things LIFE. I have a fire in me that burns bright to get you to self realise, tap in to your highest potential and live with heart and with courage to truly be able to thrive. Creating this platform is less about creating the odd yoga flow for you to get bendy to and have a stretch, and much more about sharing my interpretation of what real yoga is, or at least what it has done and continues to do for me. I want us to be moving away from the dogma and photoshopped images of handstands and backbends, I want less conversations about what we're wearing and not feeling good enough to go to a class, and much more about WHO WE ARE, WHAT ARE WE HERE FOR, WHAT IS OUR PURPOSE? Yoga is a tool for life that covers how we eat, how we move, how we breathe, how we sleep, how we digest, how we think, how we feel, WHO WE ARE. Let's really establish our WHY for this practise. I will be opening the doors for a membership on here once every 3 months. Once accepted, you will have access to courses and different trainings / soul sessions / online workshops with me and also with guest teachers, plus of course, classes and meditations. There will be new content added weekly, plus access into the private Facebook group with the rest of the Soul Full tribe where will share in challenges / maybe elements of our practise / have online live sessions and workshops, all for you to be able to dip in and out of as you please.


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yoga classes and meditations


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soul sessions 


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Online courses and workshops

As a soul full member you will receive

  • Full access to site and private FB group to ignite and support your practise.
  • 10% off of any courses or online trainings whilst being a member.
  • 10% off of private packages with me (these are limited so if have a tailored plan is something that you would like to have during your time on here reserve your space via email or the contact link below).
  • FREE downloadable Jump Start Your Yoga Ebook when signing up before the end of July 2018.
  • All the love and support from me that I can offer.

This is not a subscription based membership. To be a part of the tribe it will just take a one off payment for an entire 3 months worth of access to the groups and then once the 3 months is over you can either choose to stay or else leave the group, no ties, simple. 

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if you have any questions before you start, Feel free to send me an enquiry via the form below- would love to help you

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