Hi there and welcome to my blog! The place for all your organic beautifying needs – inside and out! I tend to ramble on to anyone that knows me about green juices and organic living until the organic grass fed cows come home so thought I really needed somewhere to channel this green zany energy into something beautiful! To keep this first blog short but fruitfully sweet here’s a little bit of info about me; I’m a 22 year old female living in North Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom on an old farm with my horse trainer boyfriend, our two terriers and a few horses. I have been a sufferer of asthma, allergies and eczema my whole life but have had the privilege of being brought up by a nutritionist mother (Karen Devine of Devine Wellness) and under her guidance, have managed to combat my body into touch through a mix of clean living, green food and an understanding of how my body is meant to function.

Carrot and Apple Juice

Despite the tears over the years (mainly over my addiction to spending too much money on trying out new beauty products!), I’m finally starting to accept my sensitivities and have learnt to actually be grateful for them because they are my trigger points for me to take a look at my diet and lifestyle should I be overtaxing them with either allergenic foods or just by adding extra stresses to my every day life (something we are all guilty of doing!); I genuinely consider myself lucky to be able to pinpoint any issues so quickly! Not only this but along my way I have discovered a colourful array of fresh tonics, lotions and potions all free from the nasties – just totes full of the good stuff to aid me on my quest for a life full of energy and zest – and most importantly (of course) a glowing complexion!

I would love for my genuine passion for all things naturally beautiful to shine through this blog and put my experiences to good use – if I can help anyone at all to either try something new or just share my experiences about all things Mind, Body, Spirit I’ll be happy happy happy! I’m slowly converting my boyfriend to a healthier way of being (I’ll reiterate slowly, he’s downing my green concoctions but I doubt I’ll get him into downward facing dog anytime soon)! But seriously, from a guy that despised all things veg, I genuinely trust that any of ya’ll can do anything you set your mind to!

 To celebrate the start of this I’ve decided to kick start with a three day juice detox to get my creative juices flowing and develop a taste for the blogging life. I start with one of my favourite and most simple juices – carrot, apple and lemon juice! Cheers to the freakin’ weekend Rihanna style, I’ll drink to that!


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  1. May 30, 2013 / 12:11 am

    Thanks for checking out and following Miss Chris Creations recently! I hope you get a chance to try out a recipe or two for yourself. I look forward to following your future posts as well!


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