Organic, naturally

Before I start with my reviews and recommendations I thought it would be a great idea to give you all a brief introduction on why, in my opinion, organic is best.

To me, if I see the word ‘organic’ on a product / produce, I wholeheartedly put my love and trust into that product / produce that it is going to do right by me and that the two of us are going to start a journey of health, well-being and happiness together. This is because organic means whole, it means pure, it means nothing added. I can be assured that  the organic product / produce was made / grown without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics or artificial growth hormones – although they do sound pretty tasty, right.


I think it makes for an interesting point in that just because something labels itself as ‘natural’ does not mean at all that it is ‘organic’ and thus not necessarily natural one bit (crazy!). Very easy for you to get confused though (as I did when I fell into the lure of a well-known ‘naturally active’ makeup range, that actually, after a lot of irritation to my skin I discovered that the foundation was full of TALC! But this little story is for another blog and another time). The main thing you should understand is that, except for meat, ‘natural’ doesn’t have a set, strictly defined or regulated definition, while ‘organic’ does.

Benefits of organic at a glance;

  • Organic foods have a greater nutritional benefit over non organic foods
  • Farmers use different methods to grow and produce agricultural crops and don’t use the nasties like pesticides but instead conduct a much more sophisticated approach to caring for their produce
  • Studies show that without pesticide exposure the risks of cancers, neurological damage and even birth defects could be greatly reduced
  • THEY TASTE AND LOOK 100% BETTER – authenticity at it’s best, think Jamie Oliver and his varying colours of tomatoes!

Now, because I’m down with the kids, I know that a lot of my friends have their own reservations about ‘going organic’ mainly because of costs and I cannot pretend that organic foods in supermarkets are the cheapest (and of course dependent on location organic markets are not all that convenient). Obviously the best thing in the world ever would be to have your own vegetable patch and grow your own produce, so if you already do this GO ORGANIC WARRIORS YOU’RE AN INSPIRATION (I still need to sort myself out a vegetable patch – watch this space)!  My genuine response is that I think a slight shift is needed in the way that we think about food as food and water are everything. They are single-handedly the most fundamental things we need in order to function. It’s so easy to get it wrong but also so so easy to get it right. Only when you’ve experienced life in the fast and zesty lane of vibrantly coloured plates (and I don’t mean Skittles), will you truly appreciate all things organic and start to ‘get’ what health feels like –  “you can take the horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. What I’m trying to say is it’s very easy for me to preach to people, you need to try a different approach on your own. Base line is, organic produce costs money but the health benefits gained are priceless (#mastercard).

All in all, I just love organic and everything it stands for – we are as mere mortals just a mass of cells and organisms – feed yourself with what you are designed to eat, use products that are created to work in harmony with your bodies needs, keep smiling and most of all, know you’re doing the world a solid in your continued support of loving organic :).


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