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For a long time I’ve searched, high and low, for a skin care brand that appears to do what it says on the tin. As a sufferer if sensitive skin / eczema and the like, I’m particularly choosy when deciding on my skin care regime. Until about four weeks ago when I came across Tata Harper – an amazing organic skin care brand taking America by storm! She is a real inspiration to the skincare world and not only is a perfect ambassador for organic produce (owning an organic farm in Canada where all of this loveliness is grown) but she just GETS your skin, the science behind it and how to best care for it. Obviously I just had to have some and so straight away Googled my nearest stockist – there aren’t many in England at the moment so if anything at all you will feel among the elite to be a part of this beauty care family!

I opted for the tester pack (bought from beingcontent.com, a fab place for your beauty must haves based in Marylebone, LDN) and it cost £53.00. This includes;

Regenerating Cleanser: 7.5ml

Hydrating Floral Essence: 10ml

Rejuvenating Serum: 7.5ml

Rebuilding Moisturizer: 7.5ml

Restorative Eye Crème: 3.5ml

Replenishing Nutrient Complex: 4ml

Resurfacing Mask: 7.5ml

Revitalizing Body Oil: 15ml

In my picture above all that’s missing is the Restorative Eye Crème, the Regenerating Cleanser and the Resurfacing Mask (I have actually finished them now – the Resurfacing Mask was on my face before I could even say ‘make me beautiful’!). The quality of my skin has changed massively, it feels and looks completely rejuvenated – it’s an actual joy to get home at night and take my makeup off! Literally within two days of using the products I noticed a reduction in my pores, my face had illuminated and skin feels silky smooth – even my boyfriend touched my face and said ‘wow your skin feels good’ (ladies with bf’s, you will appreciate how much of a breakthrough this type of chat is!). I cannot recommend the brand more – I’m putting my order through for the full size version asap (deciding to stick with the Regenerating Cleanser and the Rebuilding Moisturizer for now, and possibly the Hydrating Floral Essence if the purse strings allow, and maybe the Resurfacing Mask…!). Speaking more of the Hydrating Floral Essence, this is an absolute hand – bag must have, it’s ingredients include natural Hyaluronic Acid which preserves the skin’s natural hydration factor –spritz a couple of times throughout the day to maintain your glow! There is of course a lot more within the range, check out Tata’s actual website here, a friend of mine has used the stress oils and highly recommends them for combating any mid – afternoon stresses, or even just for the smell – like all of Tata’s products the floral scents are incredible!

Overall consensus of Tata Harper : LOVE LOVE LOVE, you need to try immediately!


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