The Power of Raw – check yourself before you wreck yourself

Diets come in dribs and drabs, I hear all sorts of things flying around from the caveman diet to the air hostess diet, literally everyone is at it and they are nearly always just a temporary fix. But what about if there was a way of living that was full time, easy and guaranteed to improve your life? Would you try it? Juicing / eating raw / eating in balance and harmony with your body is not a phase or quick fix diet to try, it’s not something just for a couple of weeks, it is and will be a lifelong change in the way you eat, the way you think and the way you feel.


I first discovered the power of raw foods and juicing not when someone told me to, not because it was a trend and not even because I just needed a quick fix weight loss booster; it was because I knew that something wasn’t right with me and my body – I just wasn’t running right. Constantly tired, ‘random’ eczema flare ups, grey complexion and I was living off of caffeine. It was only when I started to develop heart palpitations and anxiety problems and the doctor advised I started a course of anti-depressants that I really knew I needed to revive myself – there was no way I was going to go down that pharmaceutical road. I had bought ‘Live Raw’ by Mimi Kirk within the week and started experimenting with the raw diet and figuring out how I could incorporate the most part of it into my life; I was 100% sure that it was my diet having this effect on my body and creating these imbalances.

Albeit I had a bit of a head start with having a mum like mine around whilst I was younger, constantly installing in me the importance of what I was eating with the age old saying ‘you don’t fill a car with the wrong type of fuel…’. Obviously when I had moved out of home and started a life of my own some of the concepts had gone out of the window in a whirl of different jobs, parties and just generally rubbish food. I’m happy that I had the ‘light bulb moment’ as early as I did – it’s these moments which are the most fundamental element of any sort of transformation and some people go for years without one. This realization will come to you if you search for it, a sudden moment of clarity like finally you’ve found a flashlight and are shining a light for yourself along a road you’re choosing to take. I realised I didn’t want to rely on other people to figure out what was going on in my body or what I needed to do to look after it. You don’t have to have a degree to discover yourself. Read a book, source alternative views on life, try new things, you have to be happy with what you’re doing to your body in order for you to change for the better. It’s the small but significant changes in life that mean the most and most importantly stick around with you.

So what is raw? In essence ‘raw’ is just plain old naked food. Nothing added, nothing taken away. It is literally an elimination of processed, canned, and cooked foods and instead replaced with living foods made up of things like organic fruits and vegetables (lots of sea and root vegetables), grains and sprouts and plenty of nuts and seeds (to name a few). It can be dehydrated, fermented, sprouted and sundried. Every time you cook a vegetable, you have automatically lost about 70% of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals; it’s the enzymes in particular which are key as they play a critical role in helping the body to absorb nutrients. Mimi Kirk is a great ambassador for living raw and her book gives a real insight as to what it is all about – I’d advise getting a copy! There are so many miracle stories of people curing their (what doctors deem) lifelong illnesses, even stories of going totally raw curing cancer. It is powerful powerful stuff. And so so simple. Mind Body Green is a fabulous website for some truly inspiring stories / ideas, again check check check it out!

I appreciate that to drink a vegetable juice can be a daunting and sometimes nauseating thought for people when starting out but that is normally only because your taste buds have been totally hijacked by the Western diet (or in America the SAD ((Standard American Diet))). Once your body is back in the balance and you have revived your taste-buds I promise you you’ll be downing wheat-grass shots for breakfast just for kicks. I guarantee, after a week or two of having a pint of fresh juice every day you will feel rejuvenated, renewed and totally satisfied. Now, I do not mean for people to go out and buy the most amazing juicer money can buy, or even to go crazy and have five juices a day. You need to feel it’s right to do this, so go out and purchase only what you can afford and start this incorporation slowly – (as before think ‘small but significant’).

When eating raw and juicing you are literally changing your cells, your skin, your bodily functions and the way you feel – the effects are uplifting and make you wanna scream and shout and let it all out! I can single-handedly say that since I’ve started to really understand myself and what my body needs I’ve never felt better! I never get headaches, am rarely ill and best of all my heart palpitations and anxiety attacks have gone for the better! Even if you don’t adopt this ethos full time, like me, just the incorporation into your everyday life will mean massive health benefits for you! I live by an 80% / 20% ratio, 80% raw, 20% cooked throughout the day and I feel pretty darn great – I run, I do yoga and I work six days a week so seemingly have absolutely bundles of energy! I am dairy and gluten free as standard which of course definitely means I am able to maintain my weight a lot easier, don’t suffer with excess mucus / colds or have any real gut issues (IBS etc), but my views on wheat and dairy are for another blog another time.

I feel the need to add in here that I’m not a nutritionist or trained in advising people on the best diet for them – not everyone can go raw initially if they have things like inflammatory bowel disease for example – anything raw in this instance can be an irritant to the gut – this would need to be healed before eventually beginning the introduction of raw foods (if you have any gut issues that you know about or if you just feel out of touch with your body, I would massively advise seeking the advice and guidance of a trained nutritionist like my momma Karen Devine of Devine Wellness, who specializes in Gut Healing and Detoxification, to guide you through the road of self-discovery and overall wellness). Also it’s good to know that the cooking of some foods can actually release the minerals out of the cell wall of the plant, hence why I am all about the balance and incorporation of a split raw / cooked diet. I just wanted to share the amazing power and benefits of raw foods with you from my experiences and would love it if I have persuaded any of you to try something new! Watch this space for my fail safe recipes for glowing skin, weight loss and much much more :).


So enough with the heavy, from here on out I want to focus on rose tinted photos of amazing organic foods, beauty products and juice recipes. Unless of course this deep meaning stuff gets 100 likes and then I’ll start appealing to the masses ;). It is obviously important to know, no matter how many thousands of pounds you spend on miracle creams, if you’re not giving your body what it wants and needs you’ll never get that reflection that you’re seeking.

Smile, laugh, discover yourself and enjoy the greenery!

Emma x


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