Happy Holidays!

So, FINALLY, after years and years of waiting (girls if you can help yourself never get with a horse trainer you’ll NEVER get a holiday ;)), I am going away :D. Albeit with my momma and leaving the boy at home but still, very exciting times for me in my little organic beauty blogging life! So first things first, (and I mean even before I have ordered all my holidaying beauty products) I need to kick my body into touch by detoxifying myself of any unwanted toxins, cellulite and the like!

Check out just a glimmer of my shopping trolley this week and my top 10 fail safe foods (and also superfoods) to detoxify, beautify and glamourize yourself before hitting the beach (or in my case mountains, on my own, except for Harry, Ron and Hermione!);


1)      Berries – stick to the dark type (blueberries, blackberries and cherries – not glacier!), they are full of polyphenols (to you or I, a class of antioxidants) so have amazing detoxification properties! Sprinkle a handful over a bowl of coconut yoghurt (Coyo, you have to check them out, literally heaven) and some almonds and maybe a smidge of ginger if you’re feeling extra spicy to really amp up your detox breakfast!

2)      Apple Cider Vinegar – this is rich in natural minerals, vitamins and enzymes, which are vital during a detox when all the systems in the body go into overdrive to purge out toxic material. It’s the unique acids in apple cider vinegar that can bind to toxins and help the body eliminate them more effectively. Read this article for all of the properties of Apple Cider Vinegar, it’s awesome awesome stuff. I take mine as a drink in the evening with some raw honey! Cheers to that.

3)      Spinach – if you’re only going to eat one leafy green, make sure it’s this one! (or kale #kaleaddict) An amazing source of vitamins and minerals, including niacin, zinc, Vitamins A, C, E, and K, folate, calcium, and potassium, spinach boasts so many properties, the main ones in this instance is that it can aid digestion, protect your stomach lining, and flush out toxins from your colon. If it’s good enough for Pop – Eye…

4)      Watermelon – Just a beautiful looking breakfast treat, or pudding, or snack. I sprinkle mine with a bit of cinnamon, (although it should really be cayenne pepper this week!). It is mainly full of water (could you have guessed) so naturally is a staple part of any detox. Naturally low in calories it’s an obvious choice for a meal replacement (during a detox!!) to assist with weightloss. It does also contain Lycopene (the same colouring as in tomatoes) so massively boasts anti – carcinogenic properties. It’s also known for its diuretic properties (helps the body to flush out excess water, thus toxins). Also, I’m too much of a girl, I just think a watermelon breakfast makes for a perfect Instagram snap. Cheeky!

5)      Beetroot – these little badboys provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support from all angles! I consume these (raw) weekly in juices / on salads. It’s the pigment that holds the most properties (called betalain); it promotes cell structure, repair and regeneration, especially in the liver, home of the toxins. Get beeting!

6)      Lemons – amazing source of fat flushing goodness. Not only is a lemon just full of Vitamin C making it an amazing booster of your immune system and skin cleanser, it is also believed that anything sour makes the liver and gallbladder purge any stored toxins which is absolutely vital for weight loss and good health; if your liver is full of toxins, it can’t metabolize fat properly. Get drinking!

7)     Celery – this is also known for its diuretic properties (like watermelon) so can stimulate urine production and rid the body of excess fluids. Fluid balance is extremely important during your detox and this healthy herb is the best one for the job. Celery also lowers cholesterol and reduces blood pressure. It was pretty delicious in my avocado boats (you can only be privy to these culinary masteries if you have either liked my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter or Insta ;))

8)      Oily Fish – (so salmon, mackerel, anchovies etc) – full to the brim with essential omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for healthy hair / skin / nails and not to mention of course the protein. If you are vegetarian or vegan of course you will know to swap out oily fish as part of your staple detox pieces for some lovely nuts of all genres, particularly cashews . I’m uber jealous, I have a nut allergy (oh so joyous and triumphant) but thankfully I can eat almonds and hazelnuts so Whole Earth’s Whipped Hazelnut Spread is not totally out of the equation.

9)      Camu Camu Powder – this is derived from a tiny berry similar to the Goji berry and is the richest source of Vitamin C known to man, ever. Naturally packed with anti – oxidants and a taste like lemon sherbet, it’s an amazing energizer in the morning with your morning glass of fresh orange!

10)      Spirulina – this is a microscopic blue algae that is an amazing antioxidant enriching nutrient that helps to tone and beautify the complexion of the skin. It promotes skin glow as well as stronger and healthier hair and nails and also boasts the highest content of protein than any other natural food source! It also helps to balance blood-sugar levels, which contributes to easier weight management. Amazing amazing stuff, stinks like a pond but so worth it. I recently bought both of these superfoods of the month from, again, the beautiful Raw Gaia.

So there you go, of course there are so many other things you can do on a quick pre holiday detox to support the liver and get gorgeous skin (lots of herbal recipes out there involving milk thistle and dandelion), but these are my fail safe easily purchased ways of looking hot within 5 days and help you to glow brighter than the sun! And of course not to mention, drink plenty of COCONUT WATER + normal water, all day every day to help flush it all out and keep you moving!!

Have fun and enjoy your hols!

Emma x


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