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I first encountered this little gem of a brand around 7 years ago when I had been given a little pot of cream to help with my eczema from a friend of my mums. It had been absolutely amazing back then and really helped out with the dryness but in my young years I had totally forgotten about the brand. Until of course I started this little blog and I had started to search high and low for a raw and organic skincare brand – not that I had to search for long and now the two of us have been reunited I’m excited about starting our lifelong quest together of continual support of organic, raw, cruelty-free and vegan beauty products as this way truly is the best way.

In their own words, Raw Gaia’s ethical standard is set high to protect the health and safety of their customers and for the environment. All of this is evident in both the quality of their products and also their first class customer service – they really care about finding you the right product for your skin and strive to make sure you are making informed decisions about the beauty products you are using.

Due to my sensitive skin there are of course some ingredients I should avoid, but to be honest when it comes to you purchasing purely organic and natural products you can normally be rest assured that whatever you choose your skin will be safe. A lovely rep of Raw Gaia had recommended a full list of products for me to try and detailed each ingredient in each individual product and explained how they would help my skin – the information was really tailored to suit me and to be honest I was absolutely blown away by the standard of service received.

The box below is full of the goodies I had chosen to start with.


Organic Cold-pressed Coconut Butter

Organic MSM Beauty Cleansing Lotion

Spirulina Powder

Camu Camu Powder

(and I had also bought a little tester pot of ‘For Her Babies Cream’ for my baby nephew for his little dry patches on his legs and I am thrilled to say Raw Gaia that you had made one happy mummy, it was totally cured within a week of using the cream once per day and she has been recommending your products everywhere ever since!)

Organic Cold-pressed Coconut Butter

This is simply just pure coconut butter which as any beauty guru will know is one of the most beautiful beautifying beauty product for both inside and out of the body that you can buy. (I will be doing a full on blog on the powers of the humble coconut very soon so won’t go into everything right now). It has worked wonders on my legs (coconut butter boasts many healing properties and helps reduce skin inflammation which of course I get from any eczema flare-ups or stress attacks ((I tend to itch sub-consciously when thinking too much, so nearly all day every day))) and of course is an absolute diamond to put on in the evening just from the divine tropical smell. This particular butter is cold – pressed too which basically means it retains all of the naturally nourishing properties that coconut butter possesses. For best results – apply everywhere from your hair to your cuticles.

Organic MSM Beauty Cleansing Lotion

Hands down the most heavenly cleanser I have tried to date. Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, healing and calming, I’m not too sure what else you could possibly want from your cleanser. I could go onto explain exactly what is in it but you know what, Raw Gaia have already done it beautifully here and if anything else you can just witness for yourself the level of care they put into their products first hand. Like most rich cleansers you have the option of either using it as an exfoliator by putting approximately a pea sized amount over your fingers and gently wiping it over your face and then using a hot muslin cloth to take it off, or you can simply use it by again, putting a pea sized amount onto an organic cotton pad and wiping it over your face removing any makeup and general dirt from the day. My nightly routine is normally a double job, I don’t know how official it is, but I do one cleanse with the cotton pad, rinse off with warm water to remove my makeup, then I repeat again just to for the extra fresh feeling, cheeky I know. For a more indulgent cleanse and something I have been doing once or twice per week, gently wipe the cleanser over your face with your fingers and leave for about 3 – 5 minutes before taking off with your hot muslin cloth.

I recently went on holiday with my mum who conveniently forgot her own cleanser for the week so obviously just had to use mine; she is now absolutely hooked on Raw Gaia products and is convinced that after just 3 / 4 days, the stuff has worked miracles and massively reduced the appearance of any lines / wrinkles that she had. It is literally skin food and you most definitely all need to try it. It comes in at £34.99 but because it is so rich (and I must stress you only need to use a small amount at a time) it definitely retains its value for money. For me, any Raw Gaia product is worth every penny (and for my mum, and my nephew, and his mum…). To note: shake well! There are a lot of luxurious essential oils in these bottles and of course naturally separate when left alone. You don’t want to be wasteful now and not use it for all its cleansering worth!

I have since bought more products from Raw Gaia and of course have not yet been disappointed. Their range is huge, from floral waters to incense sticks and all of an incredibly high quality for very affordable prices. I absolutely love them and have already made them a staple part of my skincare routine. I urge to you check out the dregs of your current cleansers, decide to try something new and give these guys a whirl; you’ll fall in love too!

As always, if you do try them, I’d love to hear how you got on so let me know!

Emma x



  1. July 3, 2013 / 5:33 pm

    Sounds like an intense cleansing routine you have there! Trying some of the raw gaia products for the first time (finally) at the moment. Not sure how I feel about them…maybe I need to get on that tailoring shizzle!

    • July 4, 2013 / 10:59 am

      I’m just über wordy, it only takes a couple of mins unless I’m wanting to leave it on for longer! I can’t get enough, I haven’t yet tried the facemasks, on your twitter I see you’ve had a couple of the samples! How are you getting in with them? X

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