You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone – INIKA Cosmetics – Pure Primer Review

I have adored INIKA Cosmetics for as long as I can remember.  But I’ve become complacent, ignorant, completely taken for granted the divine glow and confidence that INIKA has given me day in and day out. For this, @INIKAcosmetics, I would like to offer you my most sincerest of apologies and am going to dedicate this little post to you for always being there for me, from my best goddess days to my worst grey skin kinda days.

INIKA Cosmetics as a brand are an incredible example of natural and organic beauty products and encompass every one of my values as to what organic  beauty truly is – not just a great face of make up less the toxins, but a genuine glow from within via a healthier way of life – read for yourself here a little more about them (if you’re not already aware). In their own words they are a luxury cosmetics brand, passionate about creating world class natural and organic products. From liquid foundations to kabuki brushes, all certified vegan, halal and cruelty free, their product range is extensive and there is definitely something for everyone.


Over the years I have tried out their mineral powders, liquid foundations, bronzers and their primer, all of them I absolutely love but the most stand out product for me is the one pictured above. This little black beauty has finally gone, my Pure Primer, the silent warrior of my makeup bag that has offered me protection and solidarity day in and day out for the past 3 months, totally unacknowledged by me in my haste to get my face on of a morning and get out of the door. It’s been an absolute joy to use every single morning, offering a glowing complexion and an extreme reduction in my pores, noticeable instantly on application. I could not recommend it  more highly to anyone looking for a make – up base / primer and having now been three entire days without it am missing it sorely and have decided I cannot live without it. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone – #truedat.

Overall – you need this in your life to at least try, I think it’s amazing.

Also, @INIKACosmetics, I am to thank for this insightful review on the John Lewis website back in 2011, I’m ‘Beatz4’ – you’re welcome ;).

Emma x


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