Talk Dirty to Me – My Winter Beauty Tip


Firstly, a huge congratulations to myself for finally getting my hair into a routine of being able to be washed at least once every two days. For years I have gone through washing my hair every single day, sometimes twice a day if I’d exercised. Definitely such a thing as too clean, as anyone in the know knows, a bit of natural oil is good! (By the way, Channing Tatum made you look, made you stare didn’t he. Bit of an obsession at the moment. You’re welcome).

Secondly, I would like to share my not so unique facial beauty skin tip of the month – don’t wash your face in water as much as you can! (Unless you bathe in Evian). Granted it’s not that easy on hair wash days, believe me I have tried and, alas, can confirm it’s near enough impossible to keep your face away from the shower head. But I’m finding that even just 3/4 times per week is making an enormous difference to the quality of my facial skin #gettheglow. So instead of water, what do you use? CLEANSER and TONER. CLONER. Always a winning combination. And some organic cotton pads (or whatever floats your boat at this part, muslin cloth, bamboo cloth, doc leaf, hibiscus petals, whatevs). For my sensitive skinned sisters out there my miracle combo of the month (and I do use more that Neal’s Yard but at the moment I just cannot fault my little beauty system – why fix what ain’t broke hey, they are truly beaut products), I am using both Neal’s Yard’s Creamy Chamomile Cleanser and Hydrating Rose Toner (followed by a Pai moisturiser). Without the use of water at this point you do ideally want a thicker cleanser to lift off any makeup and to massage into the skin. Swipe around, gently around the eyes and taking more time to massage the cleanser into the base of the nose and chin areas, then follow by adding your toner of choice to your cotton pad (or doc leaf) and wipe off the cleanser and any residue from your face. If needed to do a couple of toner swipes with a fresh cotton pad until your skin looks clean and fresh. Try this for a week and I swear I’ll not clean my teeth after a chia seed smoothie and promise to smile at strangers all day with seeds everywhere if you don’t notice a difference.

Also, at this point I would add that on said hair wash days, I like to use a facial exfoliator whilst in the shower when my pores are open from the warmth of the hot water (so ill use my creamy cleanser first to take off any makeup followed by a quick exfoliate, voila, beautiful skin and efficient).

So there you have it, my beauty tip of the month. I’m sure there’s some tiptop beauty expert out there writhing in pain at the idea of this but this routine is working wonders for me and my sensitive skin so I would highly recommend it! Any feedback let me know.

Emma x


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