Watermelon Cake

So I spent my evening last night devouring this beautiful gluten and guilt free creation – watermelon cake! Get summer dinner party ready with this fail safe, CHEAP and tasty idea!


1. Get yourself a watermelon, some yoghurt (the thicker the better – if you can get hold of some Coyo coconut yoghurt you are onto something truly delicious and dairy free to boot), some nuts / seeds of choice and finally your fruit to decorate! Of course, organic, if you can.

2. Chop the ends of your watermelon to square it off so that it can sit on a platter. Carefully carve off the rind until all you’re left with is the flesh (unless your yoghurt is slightly runny, then keep a very thin layer so that it sticks).

3. Apply your yoghurt as you would ice a cake, stick your seeds on the side, fruit on the top and hey presto! Something to wow your guests (or just yourself as you pig out to Bridesmaids on a Friday evening…you all do that, right?) and all totally nutritious. Of course you can also make watermelon cupcakes too which would be ideal for the kiddies – CAN’T WAIT FOR SUMMER!

If you do try this, tag me on Instagram @eborganicbeauty! I’d love to see your creations!






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