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I am a yogi / organicy / facial cream fiend and I don’t ever quarm a price tag for quality. However, I am also HA-UUUGE believer in the fact that being healthy does NOT have to come with an almighty price tag. A few little lifestyle changes recently have meant that I have had to be a little bit more creative with how I’m strolling along my path of wellness but I’m feeling funky fresh all the same. It absolutely is possible to feel fit and fabulous without the hefty gym / yoga centre price tags. I thought I’d create a little blog to showcase my trusty three musketeers that are getting me through the winter months.

First things first, you’ve got to look around you, get social and get local, there are ALWAYS things going on that you’ll never hear about if you stick within your bubble. (And getting social can be just reading blogs too, that’s how I discover new yoga gods and goddesses to fall in love with). I know how easy it is to stick comfortable, believe me, I’m the girl that still takes my Harry Potter stash on every holiday, there are times that I like to stay with what I know, you know? But as they say, when we step out of our comfort zones we step into the real magic (and I don’t remember the last time someone asked to dress up as a Squib). Expecto Patronum.

Numero 1.
READY SET RUN. You don’t have to be a highly tuned athlete to crack out your running shoes and hit the pavement. You also don’t have to run endless miles to achieve greatness. Whether you’re doing a half marathon or a few short miles, there’s just something so satisfying about there just being you and the road ahead, no training needed you have everything you need to just GO. So do it. Walk it, sprint it, jog it, whatever, just set yourself realistic goals and rejoice when you achieve them. Then aim higher and keep on aiming until you’re working at a level that feels good for you and the magic is happening and the world is great. Running can be so good for you and hands down burns more calories than most gym equipment (if calories are what keeps you motivated) AND IT’S FREE. I would note down a load more ‘benefits of running’ but theres a perfectly good article here from Women’s Health Mag that does it so well. I’ve recently joined a free running club in my local town of Stamford and am feeling like a true wellness warrior with my newly aquired weekly routine of at least 2 or 3 5k runs, coupled with some yoga err damn day. (The local running club is courtesy of the lovely Aaron Day and Tara Taylor, 6:30pm every Monday evening – come along if you’re local and reading this, moral support through these dark winter months can be CRUCIAL for getting outside and getting a sweat on). Please note: if you haven’t got any groups to join you need to acquire a new fit friend – you don’t necessarily have to like each other if that helps, just someone who’s got your back when in the dark so that you’re not attacked by werewolves will be sufficient enough.

YOGA. Yoga yoga yoga. Y.O.G.A. Everybody needs yoga. Another place that you can be just you and your mat (and maybe a block and strap and bolster and sage stick). Another incredible and FREE workout that you can literally do in your bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a yoga class. They’re sociable and supportive places where you can bounce and grow off of one another with the guidance of a teacher to keep you in check. You can also go fetch deeper into your poses when in a hot session that unless you own a sauna you just don’t get at home. But when the moolah is a tad tighter, it might not be feasible to invest in a monthly membership. QUEUE A healthy compromise to a yoga centre with less than half of the cost (and a FREE 15 day trial for y’all to try too). Yes this option is not completely free (I think I pay around £10 – £12 per month) but you literally have a little universe of yoga at your finger tips with some of the best teachers and the ability to completely tailor your schedule to your level. If you can get to grips with this and get some yogi momentum going, try hop along to a local class a few times per month just to keep in check and see where you’re at – your yoga teacher is a guru with plenty of china gel and will love to give you some advice. If you do want 100% free there is a seemingly limitless stream of youtube vids for your perusal, so sorry no excuse for no yoga in your life. Of course once you can establish some grounding you may be able to go completely lone ranger with your own self practise which is so so satisfying, when you do get your own youtube channel and let the world know about it.

MEAL PREP. Every fit page you follow goes on about it but it can’t be stressed enough. Be organised enough to spend a little time pre weekly shop to get some idea together of what you’re doing throughout the week and plan some recipes that will get you by for both an evening meal and also a lunch time the next day. If you don’t plan I know only too well how easy it is to fall off of the wagon and end up spending a fortune on lunches and other meals outside of your weekly shop. Instead, champion that wagon! Gee up the horses and hang off the side with the wind in your hair like MEAL PREP BABY YEAH, because it truthfully is the best way to stay within budget, keep motivated and stick to your healthy guns. My best purchase of the winter so far is undoubtedly my Crock-Pot which cost around £40.00, but it is the perfect way to cook up a load of immune boosting soups and stews to get you through these long and cold months. (Please be prepared for a load of slow cooker recipes that I will most likely share with you every day with about one hundred hash tags).

So there you have them, my three little guys that have majorly got my back at the moment. (And it’s great because I’ve now got some money left over to spend on ma face ((Content Beauty gad knows I love y’all))). Prioritise your health and your body at all times because as you all know because it’s always plastered over instagram feeds, it’s the only place you have to live. :).

Emma x



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