Everything is always working out for you

“People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out which you’ll know what to do.”


People and circumstances enter into your life in accordance to your vibrations. The law of attraction, karma, ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’, you’ve all heard versions of this and will interpret the meaning for where you’re currently at in your life.

January brings with it a new sense of purpose, motivation and new energy everywhere you look and so naturally this is a perfect time to spend some moments in deep (or not so deep) reflection for your current situation. (Although being able to live completely in the moment without reflection is surely an ultimate goal here, lifes work in progress… ).

I have always been aware of the law of attraction and the power of intention and manifestation from a young age (although at the age of seven I was definitely not calling it manifestation or being conscious of my vibrational frequency, more just the genuine belief that if you want something, you can close your eyes, believe in the outcome and then that thing will happen). First example of this that I can remember was when I was about five years old at primary school. It was the end of term and my teacher was taking down all of the classroom decorations, including lots of pictures of the class. In the photos she would get the classmates that were in them to enter their names into a hat, and then whoever pulled out their name that person got the keep the photo. I remember closing my eyes and genuinely seeing myself taking the photograph home and remember being so un-phased and not at all surprised that of course I was the one that got the photo. I carried this idea around all throughout my school life, from auditioning for school plays and getting the parts I’d wanted to applying for part time jobs; without knowing it, I was developing this deep trust in a greater power than me, always knowing that things were going to work out exactly how I believed they would.

Then teenage hood hit with varying degrees of bad choices and lack of direction or opportunities for true expression and I can start to see how I definitely lost my way and the belief in myself. With this I can see the bad habits that formed around me, people entering and then un-entering (and sometimes re-entering) my life. It’s very easy when we hit a hurdle, to find it hard to get back up again, to choose not to grow. It is also sometimes very debilitating losing a friendship or a relationship because it leaves us feeling very alone and reflective of our own character and wondering whether it is something we have done or a way that we have acted that has caused this to happen.

In these moments of self-doubt I have adopted a little mantra. I invite you to take a moment to close your eyes and repeat the mantra ‘everything is always working out for me’. Repeat it over and over a few times and see how that feels for you.

As I look back at 2016 and all of the hardship that came with it including losing a very close family member, I can also revel in the absolute beauty and light that came to me and is continuing to show its presence as I am entering a whole new and entirely different chapter of my life. Circumstances and situations have very slowly started to help me let go of lifestyle choices and people that weren’t allowing me to grow, that I could truly see that had entered my life when I was offering a certain vibration and that I was starting to disconnect with as things started to shift in my life.

When you can start to directly correlate how things are playing out for you with the quality of your thoughts and actions, the sense of power that you have is actually quite overwhelming. Life truly is beautiful and I genuinely believe that you have the power to create as much magic in your life as you could ever want.

Take a moment every day to write, paint or just close your eyes and be grateful for everything and everyone that you have in your life currently and always carry around that belief that everything is always working out for you.

Happy January, sending you all love.

Emma xoxo

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  1. February 21, 2017 / 8:14 am

    A great mantra and lovely post. I’ll be using that mantra daily – thank you for sharing it! x

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