Beauty Haul OTM (or rather, just a little check in from me to you)


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It’s all pretty simple.

Keep it organic, keep it natural and be mindful about being as ethical as you can when sourcing new products. Always look for the cruelty free label, plus the organic soil certification and always ask the store where you are purchasing more about the traceability of their products; for example, did you know that if a product is able to be sold in China it is a legal requirement for that product to be tested on animals? (If anyone has any more information on this it would be greatly received as I actually only found out this little nugget of information recently and was a little mind blown to say the least seems as there are copious amounts of ‘natural’ products on the market, but just because they are using natural and organic ingredients, it sadly does not mean that they are not testing on animals).

Regardless of your dietary choices and whether or not they involve eating meat or animal products, when it comes to cosmetics there is just absolutely no plausible reason for any animal to suffer. The work of true beauty comes from personal development and mindfulness to self and others around you, plus happiness and being savvy with your food and fitness. Rah rah rah, stepping down from the soap box, but you get my drift. Cosmetics should be purely used to just enhance this and that’s why it is just paramount for them to be as pure as you can get (in every sense of the word). There are so many incredible companies out there championing this movement and being genuine ambassadors for change, from supporting the communities and everyone involved in growing the ingredients to be used, all the way up to the advisor in store talking to you about the product.

Nowadays I have a very small collection of things I use on my body and face.  (I actually just  went to list them below but realised that these are genuinely the only real contenders):

Neals Yard Remedies and Inika.

(Most competent makeup blog you’ve ever read ;).)

But point is I just don’t use that much on my face anymore. I’ve been someone that has gone from the old days with Clinique and Clarins, dabbled (for years actually) with Estee Lauder Double Wear, suffered with chronic eczema, tried seemingly every cream on the market for sorting out dry skin and in short the best medicine for it all is a diet brimmed with organic fruit and vegs, drinking plenty of good water and finding fulfillment in all that I do (thus limiting stress, etc etc, I could go on). Not always the most inspiring thing to read if you were hoping for that one way ticket to ultimate happiness via that one miracle product.

This is now evolving into a whole other blog post and drifting away from my intention of a quick post.

I’ll be back.

Love and light and happy hump.

Emma xoxo


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