One Pot Quinoa & Greens

Always one for sharing the love and inspo, massive love this month to Mel Wells (@iammelwells) for inspiring me with her Goddess Bowl o Love from her website! So good for a quick meal after work when you just cannot be bothered to cook. It genuinely does leave you feeling so nourished <3. I’m the laziest chef in the world so this is perfect, please excuse the horrendous cooking instructions below but this is literally how I throw it together and it works like a charm! I accidentally blitzed all of the greens when I made it but it was seriously genius and making a savoury smoothie to add to quinoa and lentils is fast becoming my favourite thing in my culinary world!

You’ll need:

Some quinoa, some peas, some fresh basil and mint, an avocado, some spinach, a lime and some broccoli (and I think thats it…)

Start cooking your quinoa for around 5 mins before throwing in your broccoli heads (you don’t want them turning yellow…). Whilst this is cooking, in a blender whizz up your handful of spinach (I throw in quite a bit), your mint and your basil, your avocado and maybe a dash of coconut water or veggie milk (or just some filtered water) to turn it more liquidised and then finally squeeze in your lime. This should now be an amazing green paste.

Go back to your quinoa and broccoli, throw in your peas (I put in so many), maybe a little veggie stock and then when all the water has boiled away and its all looking cooked, add on your green paste.

Voila. You’re a goddess.

Enjoy 🙂 xxx


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