Learning to walk in beauty

As I sit writing this, thinking about my journey over the last few years, thinking about how it was I wanted to express myself, with a blog, with writing, I think about how the intention for this space started.


When I started it up it was called ‘EB Organic Beauty’, with the intent to blog about organic beauty products and ways to share my ideas about ‘true beauty’ and tips on how to create healthy habits etc. All the good stuff. Truth is at that time in my life was probably pretty turbulent, the blogging world and social media was so new to me, I was suffering with social anxiety and a huge lack of belief in myself because at the time the direction of my life was some what questionable, knowing I was in a dead end relationship that was starting to come to an end after nearly six years, I had thus far not really invested much of myself into learning or education, I definitely was not in a career that I was particularly proud of or aligned with any of my beliefs and I had slipped into a strange part of my soul that was embodying some kind of Bridget Jones’-esque lonely nearly-to-be singleton, devouring wine and sharing sarcastic observational humour, and had become ‘that friend’ that you could turn to for some ‘real’ advise, which at that time would be ‘absolutely just fuck that babe, drink wine and say “matters” to it all’.


I’m now a little older, wiser, so much more connected to my path and finally able to truly start expressing myself. All areas of my life are starting to congruently represent my heart, from my relationship to my career, it’s all making sense. And I want to share with you over this space how I am continuing to create it.


One of my first ever introductions to yoga, an absolute beautiful human who I owe a massive amount to for inspiring me to begin my own yoga journey, writes about ‘walking in beauty’. For me, aligning with that truth is being able to be vulnerable, to hold space for myself, to explore the deeper parts of my soul and truly access the pain and start to work towards creating something beautiful with it, to truly walk through my life with clarity, empowerment and courage. That to me is true beauty. That to me evokes true inspiration in people, for them to be raw, authentic and connect to their true self. And this is from now on what I am hoping to bring to this blog. Because I want for you what I want for me; f r e e d o m.


Walk in beauty.




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