W E L C O M E  to my sharing space for all things health and wellness related. I’m Emma, a yoga teacher, wellness and lifestyle blogger based in the UK.

I see M A G I C everywhere. My true mission in life is to live with P U R P O S E , as fully and as meaningfully as I can, always striving for balance and growth with every opportunity I attract into my life.

I love living life in C O L O U R and through teaching yoga and finding ways to live a freer and more expressive life I hope to inspire others to find the F I R E in their hearts to do the same.

This blog is a means of expressing all of this but above all else a means of reaching out to like minded people who want to share and connect with one another. I would love to hear from you and maybe even connect with you on the mat one day.

Until then love and light and all things right.

E M M A xoxo