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When I speak to people about emotional healing, and share parts of my own journey with them, the topic of the relationship that we have with our inner child surfaces a lot.

The truth is that as humans having a human experience, we all grow physically older as each day / year goes by; we go from being ‘children’ to ‘adults’. However, on a psychological level we have to ask ourselves whether this is really ‘adulthood’, and furthermore, what ‘adulthood’ actually means.  Whilst all of us are on our own very individual journeys of healing, we can experience similar obstacles that will determine how far we go with our growth. These obstacles are that ‘adulthood’, or simply just our growth, hinges on accepting, and taking responsibility for our own inner child. On acknowledging this very real space within us. What can happen for so many of us, is that our inner child can often be rejected or completely abandoned. We are told by society from such a young age to ‘grow up’, and that in order for us to become ‘adults’ our inner child, that can represent our child-like capacity for innocence, wonder, awe, joy, sensitivity and playfulness, must be stifled and put away. So we do just that, not knowing that in doing so we can also be putting away any accumulated childhood hurts, traumas, fears and angers, which in turn can continue to play out for us throughout our lives.

You see, we can carry this idea that we are separate from our inner child, that this is a past experience;  I understood for a while that if I could work on myself now, as my adult self, in my adult body, I would get to a place that I no longer blamed some of the circumstances of the past for which I was holding on to, potentially hindering my growth and stopping me from truly moving forward. But the part that I wasn’t acknowledging was the yearning part of my soul that was the inner child within me; what was it that they were still searching for?

For a moment I would like you to imagine that time doesn’t exist. And instead welcome the idea that these experiences of the past, with our inner child, that they are actually happening for you and to you, right now. Because here is the thing – your inner child is very much a part of your consciousness, and a part of your life, and you are able to access and nurture them whenever you want to. They are not separate from you, they are a part of you. Tuning in this very real place within you where your inner child exists, you can ask them what it is that they are still in need of. Is it more nurturing, more love, more stability? Maybe it’s more freedom, more room to explore themselves, or express themselves.

A lot of your growth is determined by how you go about acknowledging and honouring this space within yourself. Don’t fear it, explore it.



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For as long as I can remember, I would inadvertently get an overwhelming sense of ‘homesickness’ at seemingly random times in my life. I guess to start with, it’s probably best to distinguish what ‘homesickness’ is, and like all emotions, we will all have different experiences, but for me and maybe for you it’s a feeling deep within my stomach, making me feel physically a little sick, and experiencing an emotional response likened to mild anxiety, an overall sense of  ‘just wanting to be at home’. Possibly the earliest signs of this experience are when we are children, maybe staying away for the first time, maybe at a sleep over with our friends or a school trip away. We can associate this feeling of ‘homesickness’ to that of being away from our family home, or maybe being away from the people that we feel most ‘at home’ with, overall just the immense feeling of discomfort at the idea of being taken away from that space where we feel the safest, the most secure, nurtured, the most taken care of.

So what happens when you suddenly lose this space called ‘home’, where you are suddenly carted into an experience where you’re unsure where you can or should truly call ‘home’, not only losing your familiar surroundings, but also the people in them. How does this sudden loss of identity, (and also a potential new adopted identity of not feeling good enough to be loved or accepted) play out for you? We seek it. We ask for it. We look for it in every place that we can find it. And if left unaware of what the micro messages are can often keep perpetuating the same feelings thus creating more of the same experience for the rest of our lives. (That’s a whole other post).

As a teen, I lived in various different houses, some family members, some not until the age of 18 where I met my first serious partner and moved in with him after a few short months. His family welcomed me with open arms and I remember saying even then, ‘I just really feel at home here’ because to me at the time, the idea of what a home should offer, had, I guess, been ‘ticked off’. Loving home, loving people, finally a bit of peace. It had made me feel for the first time in a long time that I should finally be able to just breathe, to relax, and all of this because I was finally in a ‘home’ environment – the external environment was ‘ideal’.

However, during this time I would still every now and then get this overwhelming sense of homesickness. When I would truly connect though I started recognising that it was cropping up at pretty prominent times, like when I would connect in with the truth that the relationship I was in wasn’t right, or maybe the start of a new job that I hadn’t truly aligned with (this happened a lot), or sometimes just in the dead of the night when I was unable to sleep, often crippled with loneliness and a sense that I was ready for a new change. This same sense would crop up and I would feel confused as to what it was I was yearning for. ‘Why homesickness?’ I would think. ‘I’m finally in a safe home environment with people that accept me,  so what are you telling me’. I chose instead to listen to what it was that this sense was bringing up for me. And broken down, of course, ‘homesickness’ is the sense that you’re away from home. And that’s when it really hit me. I wasn’t at home. And it was nothing to do with a building, or the people in the building. This was about me. Just me. It always had been, and it always will be. I wasn’t feeling safe, secure, nurtured, loved, accepted – within myself. I was feeling lost. I was wandering around outside of myself, not yet ‘at home’ with who I was, what I was doing, where I was going. In short, I was absolutely disconnected from my life, from my true purpose. My heart just wasn’t in the life I was living. It’s when I knew that things needed to change.

I think it’s often too easy, in fact a lot of the time we have an unconscious programming, to seek advise and acceptance from outside of ourselves. But truly, we know the answers all along if only we can learn to listen. The revelation to me that I was missing a feeling of being unconditionally loved, of being truly nurtured, accepted, the feeling of being secure, from within myself and not from other people, was the most empowering thought I’d really ever entertained. I didn’t have to be dependent on something outsourced to make me feel these things. I was and am the creator of my life, and by changing the way that I was internalising my experiences would of course change my entire life experience.

Through yoga and with the fire within myself, a fire that I absolutely know that you too possess,  I truly was able to acknowledge that I didn’t have to wait for anyone or anywhere to hold that space for me. I could hold that space for me. That space of acceptance, of peace, of love and security, of trust and of stability. All of those feelings and ideologies we associate with a loving home, and being around a loving family. Of course I am learning every single day, through every single experience and every single person that I come into contact with, and with each expansion I am learning to love and trust the process a little more.

Check in with your messages. What do they mean for you? For the topic of this blog post, if you ever find that you experience this sense of ‘homesickness’, check in and journal until your hearts content to hone in on the specifics of what you’re reaching for at that time in your life. What are you searching for?

“What you seek is seeking you – Rumi”

Home is where your heart is.

Love and light,




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As I sit writing this, thinking about my journey over the last few years, thinking about how it was I wanted to express myself, with a blog, with writing, I think about how the intention for this space started.


When I started it up it was called ‘EB Organic Beauty’, with the intent to blog about organic beauty products and ways to share my ideas about ‘true beauty’ and tips on how to create healthy habits etc. All the good stuff. Truth is at that time in my life was probably pretty turbulent, the blogging world and social media was so new to me, I was suffering with social anxiety and a huge lack of belief in myself because at the time the direction of my life was some what questionable, knowing I was in a dead end relationship that was starting to come to an end after nearly six years, I had thus far not really invested much of myself into learning or education, I definitely was not in a career that I was particularly proud of or aligned with any of my beliefs and I had slipped into a strange part of my soul that was embodying some kind of Bridget Jones’-esque lonely nearly-to-be singleton, devouring wine and sharing sarcastic observational humour, and had become ‘that friend’ that you could turn to for some ‘real’ advise, which at that time would be ‘absolutely just fuck that babe, drink wine and say “matters” to it all’.


I’m now a little older, wiser, so much more connected to my path and finally able to truly start expressing myself. All areas of my life are starting to congruently represent my heart, from my relationship to my career, it’s all making sense. And I want to share with you over this space how I am continuing to create it.


One of my first ever introductions to yoga, an absolute beautiful human who I owe a massive amount to for inspiring me to begin my own yoga journey, writes about ‘walking in beauty’. For me, aligning with that truth is being able to be vulnerable, to hold space for myself, to explore the deeper parts of my soul and truly access the pain and start to work towards creating something beautiful with it, to truly walk through my life with clarity, empowerment and courage. That to me is true beauty. That to me evokes true inspiration in people, for them to be raw, authentic and connect to their true self. And this is from now on what I am hoping to bring to this blog. Because I want for you what I want for me; f r e e d o m.


Walk in beauty.





You’ll need:

100g coconut oil

100g almond butter

50g raw cacao

100g raw honey


Pop the almond butter and coconut oil in a blender and whizz into a paste. Add in the cacao and honey and mix in until you get a chocolatey paste (technical foodie term), pour onto some baking paper placed on a plate and pop in the fridge for 1 hour to set.

Seriously good.




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Want to cook up nourishing veggie feasts but run out of time mid week? Fear not, Merchant Gourmet foods have it covered! (You should be able to get these packets in most supermarkets usually down the rice isle). I really don’t do a lot of packet stuff and if I do it’s with things that have as few ingredients as possible and definitely no horrendous additives, these guys are genuinely pretty great for a grab and go kind of vibe! This dish was whipped up in all of about ten minutes, tasted super delicious and there was enough of it for lunch the next day too.

You’ll need:

1 x courgette (if you have a spirulizer, if not you can cheat even more with pre made courgetti)

1 x pack of Merchant Gourmet Tomatey Puy Lentils

1 x pack of Merchant Gourmet Super Seeds with Quinoa & Chia Seeds

1 x glass bottle of good quality tomato and herb passata (or add your bolognese herbs at home)

Pinch of salt and pepper to taste, and a little basil and oregano if you have them 🙂

Throw the Merchant Gourmet mixes into a pan with a little oil, a pinch of salt and pepper, a little basil and oregano and then mix in the passata. Let it all heat through whilst in a separate pan you slightly warm through the courgette with a little coconut oil and pepper (its a little easier on digestion when warmed, you could also steam). Wait until it’s piping and then serve.

Noms. xoxo