When was the last time

that you let your edges blur,

escaping the whir

and the purr of the mind,

took the time to tune in

to truly unwind.

To step forth into your world

with more kindness,

more space,

more expansion

more depth,

and all with less haste.

We get stuck in these spots

where life seems to hide

with our dreams over there

adrift with the tide.

But you can call it on back,

with vision and trust,

let the universe hold you,

for this is a must.

Be guided back to still

to space and to calm

and let life wash on in,

let yourself disarm.

Releasing the chains,

the armour,

the cladding,

for opening your heart

will entail some cracking.

That peace that you seek, 

lives where your life did begin,

in the ebb and the flow

of that breath coming in.

Look down at that key

that you hold in your hand,

tune into your heart,

and let it expand.

Your life is within you,

and this is your quest,

to remember this, dear friend,

that to open that chest,

be silent and still

so that you can see,

that to come back to yourself,

you simply must be.