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See a little below about what people thought about their Soul Full Retreat experience:

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Debbie, awakening the goddess retreat 2019

“I was actually struggling to find the words to sum up the weekend I’ve just had. Having had time to land back down on earth and think, I’m beyond grateful for what I experienced this weekend with these unbelievable goddesses. It can only be described as powerful, transformational and life changing. Connections were made that will last this life time and beyond. Deeply personal stories and truths were shared and held sacred in our hearts without judgement. We started as strangers and ended as family. I for one will never ever forget this weekend. Truly magical!”

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kirsten, awakening the goddess retreat 2019

“What a weekend! This retreat blew my mind. Never before have I felt so completely relaxed, comfortable and supported by a group of women I had previously never ever met before. “When one or more women gather for the same purpose MAGIC happens” I’m not sure who said this quote but I love it. 

When women gather in this way, something special happens. There is a deepness and richness that is hard to put your finger on, but the energy when women sit in circle and gather at retreats it is palpable. If you have ever gathered with sisters – in any way, be it over a glass of wine, around crystals and sage, or over paint canvases – you will know what I mean. This weekend was no different. We did yoga, we cried, we laughed, we ate. It was magical. Through and through. Thank you Emma for creating the container for all this. Thank you Tamsin for the food it was all amazing!! Really soul nourishing..” 

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katie, awakening the goddess retreat 2019

“WHEN WOMEN SUPPORT EACH OTHER AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN. Never have I been more open, uplifted, supported, guided, loved, happy, free, strong, connected than I have this weekend with these beautiful women. They truly are the definition of GODDESSES. Each and everyone so beautiful inside and out and I will be eternally grateful for the time spent, tears shed, pure love, mind-blowing conversations and blissful yoga that I shared with them all. The biggest T H A N K Y O U to the ULTIMATE Goddess herself, Emma, for creating the most beautiful retreat which reflected your inner and outer soul beauty so incredibly! Thank you for the yoga, the hugs , the love, the light , the space, the enlightenment and the strength. NAMASTE.” 

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Debbie, glastonbury retreat 2018


I have had the most magical weekend. It started with the intention of finding peace and healing and has ended edging ever closer to my truth. I have met some of the most beautiful souls, ate the yummiest vegan food, laughed, cried, and made connections that I will never forget. Emma speaks the truth and that truth is some of the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard. I genuinely believe she was meant to do this and hands down she’s one of the best yoga teachers out there. I feel privileged to have been taught by her.” 

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jessie, glastonbury retreat 2018

“What a magical weekend! Back home feeling very much full of love and gratitude after meeting some genuinely wonderful humans where we shared space, peace, amazing food, love, belly laughs and our beautiful practise together. Feeling forever grateful for the angel that is Emma for holding so much genuine and heartfelt space for us all. Can’t wait to continue the yoga adventure.

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Alex, glastonbury retreat 2018

“Thank you Emma for an absolutely all encompassing, beautiful, spiritual and enlightening weekend. Can’t wait to come back for another.”

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liz, glastonbury retreat 2018

“Such a beautiful weekend with some very special women. Emma, you bring so much space, peace and magic to those that you teach, thank you for a wonderful weekend and to the women that I met, thank you for being so lovely and sharing it all with me!”

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aimi, glastonbury retreat 2018

“I’m truly blessed to have shared a retreat weekend with Emma, she really is a special lady and so amazing at holding space for others so effortlessly. Each and every woman took a piece of her away with them that they can hold onto always!”