Gratitude Wall

I have been so blessed to have been able to work with lots of incredible humans over my time of teaching. Thank YOU to each and every one of you that comes to my classes, that I work one on one with, and to anyone that has been a part of these programmes online. I am so full of gratitude for each and every one of you.

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Tammy, accountant

"I have to say, this program has been everything and so much more than I expected to gain from it. After only 3 weeks (at writing this 4) it’s literally changing my life- extreme claim I know! But after years of attempting therapy and CBT for my anxiety -nothing ever seemed to help me.

Your program has completely changed my perspective - I finally feel I have a new focus, I am living more positively and mindfully and feel more in tune with my body and who I am -which is so amazing after such a short period of time -I am so unbelievably grateful for that Emma.

If anyone is considering? FREAKING DO IT! I honestly cannot recommend Soulfull enough! Emma is .. beautiful, honest , real , inspiring, committed and you can see that she really believes in the program, and guiding and inspiring us and teaching us what she knows. Just go for it!"

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jess, fashion designer

"Emma was recommended to me by a family member who couldn’t speak highly enough of her! She knew how much I was enjoying my practice and suggested that I needed some ‘Emma Magic’ in my life.. she was not wrong!

Often when you start on your yoga journey you feel a bit inadequate, whether you are unable to quite ‘get’ a pose, or that others in class seem to breeze through a flow with ease whilst you are struggling to keep up. Emma taught me that it’s all about the journey, and that gave me so much confidence in where I am now, and what my body and breath can do now, not where it’s headed.

Playfulness, Emma’s energy and positivity is infectious, she teaches in a way that brings you out of your head, and reminds you that your mat is a place for fun and exploration, you should be there because you want to be there. We laugh constantly when we practice together."

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alex,  Mental health Occupational Therapist

"I was drawn to Emma’s overwhelming sense of energy, I felt motivated and intrigued by her message. Emma’s commitment and passion for yoga, self love, compassion and spirituality drew me in.

A few key things things that have been valuable to me throughout this programme have been 1) getting back into meditation, and creating space to re-aligned with myself on a daily practice. 2) Having regular check ins with Emma making me feel fully supported, valued and listened to, and 3), being able to share with other amazing women within the Soul full community online. They have been a source of inspiration, light and love.

Emma is truly relatable. She is funny, honest, and passionate. Emma creates a completely immersive yoga experience, she is light hearted and unfiltered, sharing with you some of the struggles she has overcome. This transparency helps you to feel more confident within yourself and your own self belief."

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mandy, accountant

"Apart from taking the odd class at the gym I have not really practiced yoga before my sessions with Emma.  I was unable to go to the gym due to a hectic schedule at work and being at home with the children on my own in the weekday, so I thought I would try 1-2-1 Yoga sessions at home which would be perfect.  “Me time in my own time”. I was pleasantly surprised from my first session with Emma and boy did I feel my muscles the day after.  Emma’s approach has always been personalised, considering what I want out of my session be it toning up or relaxation.  Emma is approachable and made me feel comfortable which meant I got the best out of my practice.  Once the yoga sessions were over I have always felt more energetic and ready to tackle anything.  Yoga has change my life especially my recovery after my operation, even my doctors were surprised at my recovery rate, which I owe to being more aware of my body.  For those thinking out joining Emma’s tribe I would just say the group sessions are fun and you get a lot out of them but the 1-2-1 sessions are out of this world."

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alison, Chartered accountant: Head of Finance & Risk

"Emma is incredibly authentic, kind, supportive and fun - her instructions and guidance are clear, knowledgeable and just beautiful. It is clear that yoga is incredibly important to Emma, and she is totally passionate about sharing her knowledge with others who are lucky enough to work with her. 

I was totally new to yoga but Emma very quickly taught me so much. 

The practice has been such a revelation and thanks to Emma now will always be part of my life.

Rolling out my mat  has become quite symbolic of time for me. The breathing  exercises are so valuable, and I am learning not to judge myself so harshly. It doesn’t matter if I can’t do crow (yet), or handstands or anything else advanced or acrobatic(!), just that I show up for myself, breath and re-balance. 

For me, thanks to Emma’s insight, yoga is more than just stretching or moving my body."


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Laura, Entrepeneur

Before I met Emma, I had only done a bit of yoga from YouTube and I never felt like I was doing it properly and was very inconsistent! I felt that when I met Emma, she became an instant bestie, and made me feel so comfortable despite the fact I was feeling a bit body conscious! The most important thing I got from working with her, and a big deal to me, was someone actually making sure I took time out of my day to take care of me. As an entrepreneur and coach, I travel a lot and I always seem to neglect myself so working with Emma was the perfect way to have some me-time. Emma is SO good at knowing whether its a day to step things up and do things, or take a step back and go at a different pace and that was perfect for me because of my (often) crazy life affecting my energy levels. If you’re thinking about hiring Emma, don’t hesitate - I promise that at the end of your first session, you’re going to feel AMAZING. Adore you Emma!! (P.S. Hurry up and move back to england please!!!)

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"Thank you Emma for this beautiful, magical programme which is making us think and act on the things that we wouldn't usually do in every day life because of work and other busy doings taking over. But it's amazing to have all the information you're sharing and take that 'step back' and 'time out' to take it all in and learn so so much.

It was Emma's beautiful soul that I met when I wasn't in a very good place. She gave me so much advice (more advice than my private dermatologist). She introduced me to yoga, sensitive skin products, online blogs that give specific advice about eczema (including her own blog) AND overall general nutrition to me... and HALLELUJAH girl it is safe to say you have changed my life!!! In which I am SO SO thankful for and I ACCEPT my self more than ever because i am falling in love with this version of my self'.


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aimi, sports centre manager

"Best yogi I know! Amazing classes, workshops and such an inspirational approach.

Emma was highly recommended amongst the circle of local fitness professionals. She invited me down to a class and I have been a follower ever since!

She’s super passionate about what she does which is great. She’s very inspirational and really helps you understand the philosophy behind yoga. You learn not just the movement but an understanding of your own body and mind which you can carry throughout every yoga practice. Also she doesn’t take herself too seriously so there is a chilled vibe to her classes which is great in comparison to some classes I’ve been to.

Whether you are experienced or a newbie, you're always welcome in Emma's classes and there is something for everyone. A lovely chilled and relaxing vibe. Highly recommend!"

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claire, makeup artist

"I love that with this programme, we could do it anywhere at any time and doing yoga first thing in the morning really sets me up for my day, making me feel so much more energised and motivated. Plus Emma is a fantastic teacher and gives you lots of LOLs in between! 

The programme offers a real variety of practices and I have really enjoyed that. I love that I have never at any point felt any pressure from Emma or anyone else in the group to be achieving a certain standard of yoga. We are all going at our own pace. Emma is always a joy to listen to (on her videos), she doesn’t take herself too seriously and therefore I don’t take myself too seriously...there have been so many LOL moments and it’s just Emma’s personality shining through - she is pretty hilarious, but is also so very passionate about yoga. Who said yoga had to be so serious all the time?!

I just want to thank Emma so much, she has been such a brilliant teacher - full of positivity, belly laughs, supportive and she has truly opened my mind to a whole new world of yoga that I did not know existed!"