The Artist and Soul Signatures


A two part group mentorship series for the visionary women ready to become the artist of their lives, leadership and business.

 We're going somewhere new.

This is for the woman ready to reclaim her inner authority as she understands that outer leadership is a byproduct of inner leadership.

This is for the woman no longer willing to dilute who she is, and is ready to close the gap between who she actually is and who she is currently being. 

The woman that understands that her wellspring of inspiration pours directly out of her own humanity and is ready to stop sacrificing her aliveness.

This is for the woman ready to be cleansed of any story or narrative about her wholeness that didn't ever belong to her and release to the wind anything that is keeping her disconnected from her own source of wild wisdom.

This is for the woman ready to let the light touch her in all of the places that she might have once exiled so that her radiance can reemerge, and the woman ready  to simply live in the all of the ways that she was always meant to.

Feet on the ground, cosmos in the cells.

Grounded. Fresh. Whole. Human.

Unfiltered soul,

The most important revolution of them all is the one that goes on internally.

The revolution where we settle the inner conflict between what comes naturally to us and our inherent nature (these are not always the same). It is us, choosing and being anchored in 'us', so that we are not forever caught up in the merry-go-round of outer trends and promises of life *over there*. 

This is a portal to explore of the incredible human vehicle and and the mystery contained within it, a place for us all to revel in storytelling, in connecting with the power of the hive mind, a place where we meet to unravel the many sheaths of protection & experience we collect through our lives and release any knots so that our soul can pour through and touch our lives, and beyond, unbound and unfiltered.

These Programmes are a hybrid of Mastermind & Mentorship, for the women ready to enliven and also to ground into their mission, their relationships, their wellbeing, their soul businesses and, moreover, their lives.

These programmes are the meeting point where you will learn to unite all parts of your being to ultimately live life more beautifully.

The Artist - Part One of a Two Part Group Mentorship Exploration into the mechanics of your Inner and Outer work.

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The Artist is where we begin, with your inner work.
(Soul Signatures is a separate programme launching in June 2023 to be booked as a stand alone - add yourself to the waitlist here).

This is for the conscious woman that is no longer swayed by the life templates of others and is ready to lead her life on her own terms, heart and frequency first.

This is what it is to be the Artist of our lives.

To no longer dilute the potency of who we actually are beyond the this and that of the world, and to close the gap between who you actually are and who you're currently being. 

Maybe you have:

Been feeling disenchanted from the varying coaching programmes in the industry that pitch a specific strategy, or way, because they are not putting unique genius at the helm of their frameworks.
Been consciously dreaming and vision casting and know that there is something not quite translating in your outer reality - it just doesn't feel like you, even though you've ticked the box on what outer success should look like.
Been curious to dive deeper into the mechanics of your mind, heart and manifestation, your unconscious (and conscious) drivers and internal world view and just wanted the right place to unfurl (I got you).
Come on in to unlock the silent creative in you, and unleash your inner life & leadership artist.

Our sessions have unlocked parts of my heart I have been ferociously guarding my whole life. And I trust it’s part divine timing and the healing I’ve done to get me to this point, and part Emma being a truly gifted women, healer and guide. 

- Lucy, 1:1 Mentoring Client

The value added here also goes above and beyond anything I had expected when initially joining the training. Emma continues to update the portal with extra teachings, ceremonies, embodiment sessions…all helping to master our own energetics before teaching others to master theirs. And this is the key: Emma encourages us read for others from a place of an embodied teacher and leader. 

Emma’s quote “we are all the same, because we are all unique” is the syllabic thread that weaves through all of the wisdom. I guarantee that you will emerge on the other side viewing the world, and the beautiful people that inhabit it, with less judgement and more compassion. There is this realisation that each person’s uniqueness truly is a gift and that there is something to learn from everyone’s individual calibration of energy.

Above all, this is not a training to become carbon-copy HD readers, but rather a full spectrum training for energetic mastery. And so, I wholeheartedly recommend Emma and this brilliant brilliant training'

- Ellie (Living in HD Community Member)

"I was actually struggling to find the words to sum up the weekend I've just had. Having had time to land back down on earth and think, I am beyond grateful for what I experienced this weekend with these unbelievable goddesses. It can only be described as powerful, transformational and life changing. Connections were made that will last this lifetime and beyond. Deeply personal stories and truths were shared and held sacred in our hearts without judgement. I will never forget this weekend, truly magical." 

"Never have I been more open, uplifted, supported, guided, loved, happy, free, strong, connected than I have this weekend with these beautiful women. I will be eternally grateful for the time spent, tears shed, pure love, mind blowing conversations and blissful yoga that I shared with them all." 

"I feel like ive opened up and connected with myself more than I ever felt possible. Since working with Emma I am finally more comfortable with being me and who I am! I kick ass! Plus I let go of such a huge guilt feeling and continue to not feel guilt, that constantly just hung over me. I am not carrying it anymore.
This journey has unlocked more freedom physically and mindfully, peace and ME.
Emma could help anyone in this universe, I just don’t think all souls are open enough yet to experience this incredible journey. I feel gratitude from my head to my toes that even though I was searching for more awareness, I already had a speckle of awareness and those who already have it, I would say, what are the hell are you waiting for?!?! Getting to know yourself more than ever is the most precious gift you could ever give yourself. Its empowering and its magic. But don’t be fooled…. Its a lot of reality and facing yourself, there are tears (she even cracked me), there are lots of uncomfortable feelings and realisations. But you need all of this to breakthrough and you will, with Emmas beautiful aura (even though a lens) you can’t help but feel it and feel safe."

"It’s been really transformational on so many levels being part of Bloom. Aside from learning so much about myself and my place in the world, it’s brought me into contact with people that I might never have crossed paths with in real life, obviously yourself as the guide, but also the other souls in the group - Bloom is the gift that keeps on giving!"
- Laura

'I can't believe how quickly, considering we began this journey about 6 weeks ago, things unfolded inside which translated in the change of my inner state that I have been able to be truly present to - of being at peace, calm and easy, letting go, surrendering + trusting, all of the things that I could only imagine.'
- Claryn 

'I wanted to express my gratitude for this container. It has been incredibly potent and I am forever grateful for you Emma bringing this into my life. An introduction to soul alignment. Thank you so much, I feel so nourished and held.'
- Yulia

"It has been one of the most profound experiences on my journey so far, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself + for my business."
- Annamaria

"Taking a moment to celebrate this divine human (Emma). I will never get tired of saying, if you want to create change, surround yourself with people who will support, encourage, empower + challenge you to become the very highest expression of yourself that you deserve to be. Let go of the narrative that you have to struggle alone on this long journey of self discovery. Ask for help, advise, guidance, call in likeminded souls who will hold you through the discomfort + dance + play through the curiosity of life with you. Get involved with LiHD - it's a vibe!"
- Lucy

"I can't believe it's week 12 already, this journey has been such a soul healing experience! Thank you for this magical container - it's been truly a life changing experience."
- Annamaria

"Hands down one of the most expansive containers ever"
- Rachel

"Absolutely overwhelmed by my human design soul activation session today with Emma. To say this came at the most divine time would be an understatement! To understand even more of me through my unique energy & chart is like coming home to myself....I feel empowered, I feel a sense of relief as to where I am in my own personal journey...but with even more direction, energy & ideas The 90 minutes absolutely flew but I have so much more understanding about my personality, emotions & why I do things the way I do!"
- Kelly

'This is such a magical journey. To really be brought home to the power of being you, and understanding your drivers really births a freedom that will remain as a place to come back to forevermore!'
- Kate


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A part of the maturation process of Mentorship / Leadership is an understanding that it is not the Mentor, the Leader or the programme itself that offers us the salvation.

It is the potentiality that exists far beyond those individual elements, after we have stepped into the energy of decision, when we have decided that we are truly ready to drop deeply into our lives.

There are delicious and necessary seasons of solitude AND there are seasons of union. 

These Programmes (both The Artist and Soul Signatures) is offering us the season of Togetherness, when we draw from the power of fractal resonance, create a powerful web of intention and generate a specific frequency geared to move us into deeper states of inner and outer alignment. 

Together, when we unite in heart, in spirit and in mind to explore the vast potentialities that exist far beyond what we might know to be true.

and the frequency of decision

committed to embodying a new standard of living and expressing.

elevate & enrich your lens by walking alongside other women


with a timeless tool kit to root deeper into you and meet your life with more peace, power and integrity.

come into deep and lasting connection with your soul gifts and unique essence


so that you can leverage your humanity, your greatest and truest gift to this Earth.

stop running and distracting yourself with  *out there*


are you ready to:

then come on in, I want to walk with you.