It’s time you remembered and awakened your magic.

If we want true peace, we have to start by learning to truly embrace our every piece.
— Allie Michelle


Authentic, inspiring and from the heart. Emma speaks the truth and that truth is some of the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard. I genuinely believe she was meant to do this and hands down she’s one of the best yoga teachers out there. I feel privileged to have been taught by her.
— Debbie, Awakening the Goddess Retreat 2019
Emma, you bring so much space, peace and magic to those that you teach.
— Liz, Glastonbury Retreat 2018
What a weekend! This retreat blew my mind. Never before have I felt so completely relaxed, comfortable and supported by a group of women I had previously never ever met before. “When one or more women gather for the same purpose MAGIC happen!
— Kirsten, Awakening the Goddess 2019


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