Meet Emma

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Thank you so much for being here.

My mission here on this earth, my dharma, my purpose, is to help YOU to align to your highest self, to work into the deeper layers of your being, to hold space for you to work on your own healing, to teach you how to blur your edges, so that ultimately you are truly able to step into your limitless potential and expand into a life where you are thriving.

All of my retreats, classes, events and workshops are themed around this nature and my work extends to online courses too to keep you empowered with your home practise.

My own yoga journey extends over eleven years and I’ve been teaching for the last three. I am forever grateful to every single beautiful teacher that I’ve met, and continue to meet, along the way, that have held space for me and passed on their embodied wisdom.

I truly do believe in your magic.

If you would like to work with me, pop me a message at 

All my love, Emma