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it is time to remember and awaken your magic.

I am opening up just 5 spaces for goddesses that are ready to delve into their dreams and visions, who are looking to show up and be accountable.

it takes 40 days to create a new habit (so we’re working with 42).

I am so excited to welcome you here.

if you’re already in - you can jump straight through to apply below.

my intention with this programme

I have created this programme as the exact map and support that I would have loved and needed for myself when starting to venture on my own journey of self discovery. Now, before we start here, I feel it’s incredibly important for me to share that this is not a coaching programme, as in, I am not looking to coach you fully, mainly because I am not officially certified in that way (yet). My area of expertise is in the science of yoga where I have been learning, studying and working within for over a decade. Naturally woven into anything I teach whether in classes, retreats or 1:1 is my interest and personal study of natural health, personal development (basically stemming from the science of Yoga and Ayurveda), the divine feminine, healing, and my biggest teaching method - getting you back to being your own guru.

My intention for this is to bring like minded women together to really be able to speak their truth and be held in a way that feels authentic, safe and more over, inspiring for you on your journey to becoming and stepping into the highest version of yourself. The workshops and workbooks that I have created for this have absolutely come from my heart space and I’ve really put into them my entire soul up to now, because truly, my own personal mission in life is to see people thriving, living with heart, and living on purpose.

the programme

  • Downloadable workbook for the entire 6 weeks together with work for you to actively do each week (and this will be discussed and worked through on our 1:1 call each week)

  • An entire personalised 6 week yoga plan to include movement, pranayama and meditations - (you will have free access into my Soul Full Online community for the 6 weeks to utilise the videos and meditations in there, and will be able to use your 6 week plan to choose your videos accordingly). This plan will be personalised to your overall intention with our work together, we will also be working with our cycles and making sure that we are starting to learn and understand our feminine energy and how we can best work with it rather than against it to really start thriving.

  • A 1:1 call every single week (lasting between 30 - 45 minutes), to discuss the week, to check in with progress, to really support the programme and give you the accountability to be showing up for yourself each week.

  • Access into a private mentorship Facebook group with the other humans on the course for the 6 weeks to offer each other support and guidance.

  • All of the love and support from me that I can offer.

week 1 - clarity

This week is all about getting clear about what exactly it is we’re calling in, getting down to the specifics of our soul goal work and setting the tone for our work together throughout the programme.

BONUS is a Bullet Proof GoalTM mapping session with the incredible mind pirate and live thriver, Callum Hardingham - there is genuinely no one else that I could have asked to create this magic with than this human, his work is incredible.

Week 2 - Energy flows where attention goes

This week is about looking at the fine print of our thoughts and emotions and mapping out exactly where it is we are spending the most time in and out of our minds.

week 3 - who am i when no one else is around?

This week is about getting raw and honest with ourselves about how we are showing up in this world, who are we vs who we are being.

Week 4 - The Magic of Manifesting

Probably one of my favourite topics, in the world, as it’s where we can geek out for a little while about our main individually energy that is guiding us in this lifetime, what even is energy, and the importance of coming back to this remembrance of who and what we are to step forward. Agh, can we do just 6 weeks on this please?!

week 5 - finding our voice

This week we will be delving into all things creativity and personal expression.

week 6 - stepping forward

This week is all about starting and getting really clear on the things that may be binding us from stepping forward and looking at how to build (and maintain) the confidence and faith that we have in ourselves to keep pursuing our dreams.

your investment

This is the first time that I’m running this mentorship and so the cost of working together in this way is heavily reduced.

For the entire 6 weeks, your investment into yourself is just £197 (yes, that really is only £33 per week, which is less than 1 x 60 minute session with me!).

I have a couple of different payment options available for you.

You can invest the full amount of £197 in one go.

You can reserve your space with a 20% deposit and pay the rest within 30 days (still at the £197).

Or, you can take the three payment option, which will work out a little more at £77 per month (totalling £231).

So, when do we start?

The 6 weeks together starts on Monday 15th April.

Doors to enrol close on April 1st and you will be popped into the private Facebook group right away with the first set of homework to get us started and prepared for the programme.

I’m so excited to welcome you here, Goddess!

If you’re wanting to know more, or to apply, connect via the button below and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

So much love, Emma xoxo