To start off nice and simply, I have split the videos into just two main categories, 'Energy' and 'Calm', with the third category, 'Yoga Series' as a series of yoga videos building to a specific asana / goal. Within the categories there are then the two different levels, of course meant for everybody to practise with, but if you see a 'Level 2' on it's own, it is just a little nudge that in that particular video we are working potentially a little stronger and with a little less instruction that in the other videos. I will ask you though to make sure that before you start with any flow, if you have any personal queries about injuries / current circumstances (pregnant / on medications), just to pop me a little message and we can discuss modifications / videos to avoid. Always listen to your own body.

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Vinyasa Flow | Vinyasa Krama | Power Yoga

Options for all levels.

Mainly to be practised in the morning / day time.

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Yin Yoga | Moon Hatha

Options for all levels.

Beautiful to be practised in the evenings.

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yoga series

Crow Pose Series | Handstands Series | Hamstring Flexibility Series.

All levels.

To be practised amongst / alongside your practise.