Energetic Refinement for full spectrum life mastery

certified inner leadership + energetics coach

Getting attuned to the lens through which we see the world, thus our stories and the way that we tell them is our journey to ultimate inner liberation. 

I help you to discover your pathway to illuminate such gifts.

life, quite simply,  is neutral, it's our stories that make it come alive.

I know what it feels like to one day wake up  + ask  'is this really my life?'

I began to ask myself the question 'am I 100% here?' and when I felt the resounding 'no' I made a choice.  

I was looking around at things that I had created, my home, my then partner, my career, and realised that if I had managed to create all of this only being 30% in, imagine what I could create going 100% in.

100% in with the Truth of who I was and not the conditioned parts of me that had, until that point, been dictating my moves.

I decided  to fully declare my vision + desires to myself + make the necessary moves to embody them.

We can spend years not knowing we are missing. 

I will forever be a student of this wild + curious life.

I am continuing my own education in Human Energetics whilst continuing to guide practitioners + coaches to weave these powerful tools into their own practise. I am also studying Integrative Quantum Healing + will be bringing this to my private journeying clients + containers this year. 

2022 & Beyond

Began to coach full time certifying in as an NLP practitioner, Inner Leadership Coach, Gene Keys + Human Design Mentor (after having self studied these modalities for over 5 years) + have so far served hundreds of beautiful humans on their journey into activating their unique energetics.

2020 - 2022

Whilst still teaching yoga in classes I began to create group journeying programmes + sparked the makings of my now thriving coaching practise. 

2019 - 2020

After practising for eight years, I qualified in Yoga + Meditation Teacher Trainings in Vinyasa, Traditional Tantric Hatha + Yin.
I went on to teach yoga around the world in classes workshops + retreats + supported hundreds of souls in connecting with their essence.

2015 - 2019

Official Teachings + Integrations so far

a little on the timeline

activate your potency

I have always repelled the idea that in order to draw in 'soul' clients that I have to 'hook' them with a pain point or remind them of what is 'broken' within them. In my world, 'broken' is BeingHuman + I like to hold a more elevated standard for how I facilitate + invite you into space with me.

When I ask you to step into a container with me I want you to do so in full power + humanness, knowing that I can only activate what is already alive within you. 

If you are feeling the fizzing in your body that you are ready to let your life fully in, and you are ready to be met with elevated conversations, fresh perspectives and curiosity for your potential - come.sit.with.me.

I would love to meet you.

i raise the bar on selling to your pain points.

Over the past six years I have activated hundreds of incredible humans into remembering the fire in their soul + helped them to embody new realms of BeingHuman. 

I have spent a lifetime in the field of healing + transformation (literally, I grew up with a very awake mama + spent time in varying natural health clinics, healing retreats + amongst epic facilitators + so stepping into this world was never a question). I came into this life with a clear mission + I wake up every day to my life in Ibiza with my incredible man + pet babies absolutely buzzed on my life force that I get to do what I do.

And I want this for you too.

It gets to be easy, beautiful soul.

"It’s been really transformational on so many levels being part of Bloom. Aside from learning so much about myself and my place in the world, it’s brought me into contact with people that I might never have crossed paths with in real life, obviously yourself as the guide, but also the other souls in the group - Bloom is the gift that keeps on giving!"
- Laura

'I can't believe how quickly, considering we began this journey about 6 weeks ago, things unfolded inside which translated in the change of my inner state that I have been able to be truly present to - of being at peace, calm and easy, letting go, surrendering + trusting, all of the things that I could only imagine.'
- Claryn 

'I wanted to express my gratitude for this container. It has been incredibly potent and I am forever grateful for you Emma bringing this into my life. An introduction to soul alignment. Thank you so much, I feel so nourished and held.'
- Yulia

"It has been one of the most profound experiences on my journey so far, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself + for my business."
- Annamaria

"Taking a moment to celebrate this divine human (Emma). I will never get tired of saying, if you want to create change, surround yourself with people who will support, encourage, empower + challenge you to become the very highest expression of yourself that you deserve to be. Let go of the narrative that you have to struggle alone on this long journey of self discovery. Ask for help, advise, guidance, call in likeminded souls who will hold you through the discomfort + dance + play through the curiosity of life with you. Get involved with LiHD - it's a vibe!"
- Lucy

"I can't believe it's week 12 already, this journey has been such a soul healing experience! Thank you for this magical container - it's been truly a life changing experience."
- Annamaria

"Hands down one of the most expansive containers ever"
- Rachel

"Absolutely overwhelmed by my human design soul activation session today with Emma. To say this came at the most divine time would be an understatement! To understand even more of me through my unique energy & chart is like coming home to myself....I feel empowered, I feel a sense of relief as to where I am in my own personal journey...but with even more direction, energy & ideas The 90 minutes absolutely flew but I have so much more understanding about my personality, emotions & why I do things the way I do!"
- Kelly

'This is such a magical journey. To really be brought home to the power of being you, and understanding your drivers really births a freedom that will remain as a place to come back to forevermore!'
- Kate

working with emma

welcome to life in hd

Because it is.
The beauty of Human Design is in understanding our own uniqueness, and appreciating that in others too.
In Living in HD we go beyond the top notes of the Auras Types and Profile Lines, and dive in to traversing what lies beneath, to begin to weave the story of the charts.

It feels different here.

let's go epic human




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