Containers to house you in elevated conversation + fresh perspectives

unlocking your soul codes

Because, quite frankly, speaking to you from a cookie cutter template of what might be and what can be would be to eradicate everything I know to be true about the beauty + wizardry of what happens when Individual Genius collides (that's me and you).

We don't know what we don't know. Mentoring + close proximity containers can be portals for ultimate life mastery as we are held in elevated states of awareness, care + due diligence, to sift through any blocks that may be capping our capacity to generate + receive + to create from our more Inherent States VS what comes naturally to us (these are not the same).

I'd love to welcome you here.

this is the beauty of mentorship. catalysing conversations to stretch the boundaries on what we might believe is possible for our lives.

You will not find any hard sells or promises here to lure you into conversation with me.

When we enter into a container together, it is with aligned hearts + minds with the intention to elevate + stretch  what is currently being worked with + create from a fresh vantage point.

I love to welcome you into my world in your full bodied YES.


This is as intimate as it gets here,  where we voyage deep into your world to uncover your unique gifts, inherent nature + power so that you are able to show up in your full potency in your relationships, your business + work and your life.

I only work with a small number of souls at a time for this + this is by application only.

I love to offer 1:1 Mentorship to humans with Vision, with those that are ready to elevate the standards within their inner world + develop a richer quality of consciousness to meet their life with.

At this time, these current 1:1 Mentoring packages are an investment of £2997 for 4 months (this can be paid in full or in up to 3 monthly instalments), and this flows like this:

☾ An opening welcome call where we will come together to vision cast + for you to share the foundations of the world that you are building.

☾ Eight 1:1 sessions together (these are set bi-weekly to allow space to marinate + breathe between).

☾ Open personal Voxer support* (*of course ensuring reasonable response times from both parties, and also following my Sacred Sunday vibe that I would love to invite you to too, tech free). 

If this feels like an exciting opportunity for you I would LOVE to hear from you - please go ahead  & explore the application form (you will get a deeper feel for the journey we will embark on together).

I would love to walk with you for 4 months.

1:1 Mentoring

side by side

explore living in hd

a year long group learning experience to embody + integrate Human Design into your life to unlock your unique power + share with your world.

Living in HD

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a potent group mentoring journey. specifics still being refined. think wealth, business and relational dynamics with all of life - full spectrum refinement.



Learning about my human design has been one of the biggest revelations in my life. Feelings of not enoughness, not belonging and lack of clarity have started to transform into magic even after a single session with Emma. Meeting and seeing myself beyond conditionings and shoulds have given me the inner power I had been looking for. Human design has enabled me to discover and embrace my authentic self, to start leading my life and business in alignment, to transform from forcing into flowing. The more I dive into this supersystem, the more answers I am offered about where I am on track in my life and how to show up for myself. Beyond all that, my relationships have improved as well both personal ones and with my own clients.

Instagram: @annamariapapayova

Empowerment + Boundaries Coach 
6/2 Emotional Generator

Human Design has been that reassuring nod from the Universe that I am on the right path, whilst offering me some very clear signposts to the things I am still working through in this lifetime. I finally feel like I’ve found something that speaks to the deeper parts of my being that have often felt quite misunderstood and neglected. Working with these codes makes me feel alive, and full of excitement for everything that life has to offer.

Instagram: @slowliving.withlucy

Feminine Embodiment + Energetics Coach
5/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator

You know how they say that things you need or want come to you when you least expect them. This has been my journey with Human Design. I had no idea how much I needed it for personal evolution. Since being read by Emma, I have felt cellular shifts which contributed to so many changes in my life. Human Design is a beautiful tool for understanding who you are as an energetic blueprint and it reaffirms your individuality. Being witnessed through the lens of HD has given me the opportunity to accept my quirks, amplify my inherent strengths and understand how I relate to the people and the environment around me. In normal human speak, it has given me the green light to simply be me and a realisation that I have a responsibility to show up to the world with authenticity in order to serve myself and the collective. 

Instagram: @factoryofhealth

Inner Leadership Coach + Nutritional Therapist 
5/1 Emotional Manifestor

Human Design has unlocked so much for me. It permits me to be unapologetically me. Let things go when they no longer light me up, trust my gut decisions, and know that my emotions may cloud judgment, so sleeping on it is always a good idea. It has given me comfort that it's okay to jump in headfirst, and if it doesn't work out - it's not a failure - it's feedback! HD has meant that not only do I know and understand myself on the deepest level of any self-development I have undertaken, but I can share this with my clients and with my loved ones. Through this unique and accurate system, I have, in turn, created stronger relationships with effortless communication with all those open to learning about their blueprint.

Instagram: @samburgessuk 

Inner Leadership Life Coach & Business Mentor

 3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator

in the words of some of our Community

The Power of Human Design

"It’s been really transformational on so many levels being part of Bloom. Aside from learning so much about myself and my place in the world, it’s brought me into contact with people that I might never have crossed paths with in real life, obviously yourself as the guide, but also the other souls in the group - Bloom is the gift that keeps on giving!"
- Laura

'I can't believe how quickly, considering we began this journey about 6 weeks ago, things unfolded inside which translated in the change of my inner state that I have been able to be truly present to - of being at peace, calm and easy, letting go, surrendering + trusting, all of the things that I could only imagine.'
- Claryn 

'I wanted to express my gratitude for this container. It has been incredibly potent and I am forever grateful for you Emma bringing this into my life. An introduction to soul alignment. Thank you so much, I feel so nourished and held.'
- Yulia

"It has been one of the most profound experiences on my journey so far, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself + for my business."
- Annamaria

"Taking a moment to celebrate this divine human (Emma). I will never get tired of saying, if you want to create change, surround yourself with people who will support, encourage, empower + challenge you to become the very highest expression of yourself that you deserve to be. Let go of the narrative that you have to struggle alone on this long journey of self discovery. Ask for help, advise, guidance, call in likeminded souls who will hold you through the discomfort + dance + play through the curiosity of life with you. Get involved with LiHD - it's a vibe!"
- Lucy

"I can't believe it's week 12 already, this journey has been such a soul healing experience! Thank you for this magical container - it's been truly a life changing experience."
- Annamaria

"Hands down one of the most expansive containers ever"
- Rachel

"Absolutely overwhelmed by my human design soul activation session today with Emma. To say this came at the most divine time would be an understatement! To understand even more of me through my unique energy & chart is like coming home to myself....I feel empowered, I feel a sense of relief as to where I am in my own personal journey...but with even more direction, energy & ideas The 90 minutes absolutely flew but I have so much more understanding about my personality, emotions & why I do things the way I do!"
- Kelly

'This is such a magical journey. To really be brought home to the power of being you, and understanding your drivers really births a freedom that will remain as a place to come back to forevermore!'
- Kate

working with emma

welcome to life in hd

Because it is.
The beauty of Human Design is in understanding our own uniqueness, and appreciating that in others too.
In Living in HD we go beyond the top notes of the Auras Types and Profile Lines, and dive in to traversing what lies beneath, to begin to weave the story of the charts.

It feels different here.

let's go epic human